First Steps

Mustafa Hilmi Topçuoğlu started business by establishing a transportation company. Mustafa Hilmi Topçuoğlu covered the transportation need of the city with its transportation business and started spare part and oil fuel business in Kilis.


Fiat in Gaziantep

Seeing the demand for the transportation, Topçuoğlu family firstly established a spare part shop in Gaziantep and then opened a Fiat dealership and covered the need in the area.


Necessity of Production for Country Development!

Ali, Naci and Vedat Topçuoğlu has foreseen that trading was not enough for country development and has established Gulsan Sentetik on 3.000m² area with a team of 40 people to attend produciton for their family and country’s development.


PP Bag Investment

Our facility started production of PP bags in 1982 and has been breaking ground over the world and Turkey ever since.


Expanding Business with Yarn Facility

Gulsan wanted to transport its experience which they gained in PP bags into another sector and established carpet Yarn (BCF) facility. Gülsan has been the first company to produce carpet yarn in Turkey.


Gül Enerji

By putting the first autoproducer enery powerplant into use in anatolia, Gulsan started action in Energy sector.


Nonwoven Fabric: Spunbond

Doing worlds class production by keeping customer satisfaction on top level, Gülsan has stepped into hygiene sector by carrying its experience to its invesment on Nonwoven Fabric sector which is Spunbond.


One Roof; Gülsan Holding

Starting in 1934 and growing steadily till today, Gulsan has gathered underneath the Holding roof.


Hygienic Film Production

Gülsan, has done an investment to start production in hygienic and medikal sector with 10 colours printing ability production and being first in Turkey and counted in Europe in 2010 and started production in 2011.


ISO top 100

Gülsan which is leading with its first and principles has took place in top 100 in İSO(Istanbul Chamber Industry) 500 the list of Major Industrial Enterprise list.


Kaşmir Yapı: Creating Living Areas

Gülsan Holding which is active in Textile and Energy sectors has stepped into constuction sector by starting housing Project in Ankara and building new living areas.


Global Company with Gülsan Egypt

Gülsan holding which is guiding the Spundbond market with its production started at 2003 has done another investment for Spunbond in Egypt by establishing Gulsan Egypt.


Gül Enerji

With its 117MW capacity in Tokat, Gülsan has incorporated Almus and Köklüce Hydroelectric powerplants and has contributed to Turkey’s energy production.


MAV Elyaf

Gülsan has started production of Spunbond in Çorlu,Tekirdağ for hygiene and medical sectors with MAV Elyaf.