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Kaşmir Carpets has been founded in 2005 under Gülsan Holding with the goal of becoming the leader of carpet market, Kaşmir Carpets reached its goal despite the short time passed from the beginning. Receiving, “Brand of the year” award in 2007, with its firsts and principles, Kaşmir Carpets keeps the customer satisfaction at the top level and presents human and environment friendly products in respect of international standards.

Established in an area of 80.000 m2, Kaşmir Carpets makes production of 16 different qualities at its facilities equipped with modern technology. Having a production volume of 9 million square meters per year, Kaşmir Carpets has been increased its production capacity to 12 million square meters in 2012. Serving to all budgets and taste with broad variations of size, pattern and color, mission of Kaşmir Carpets is to ensure the highest quality during all stages from production to sales and to after-sales services.

Serving with 10 regional distributors and over 1200 retail sales points throughout the nation, Kaşmir Carpets is an establishment that follow technological developments day by day, realizing the production with production techniques that has latest technology and produce at world standards with its comparative technologies. .






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