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Academic success has increased in sister schools of Kaşmir Carpets


Acting within the body of Gülsan Holding, who provided a support of different dimension to education by starting A Sister Foundation for Each School Campaign two years ago, Kaşmir Carpets played a major role in making academic success increase by making schools gain hygienic environment and technological equipment. Signing a protocol with Şahinbey Primary School and Kadriye Abdülmecit Primary Schools this year, Kaşmir Carpets gives all kind of supports by undertaking basic expenses of them as well as making them gain multi-purpose halls. In the scope of A Sister Foundation for Each School Campaign continuing under the leadership of Kaşmir Carpets which is acting under the body of Gülsan Holding, by signing sister school agreements with Şehitkamil County Şahinbey Primary School and Şahinbey County Kadriye Abdülmecit Özgöze Primary School, Kaşmir Carpets solved many problems of both schools in a very short time and made them continue education in much more hygienic conditions. Also by providing top level technological equipment, Kaşmir Carpets pioneered in starting education which is appropriate to 21st Century standards. Repainting all buildings of Şahinbey Primary School, Kaşmir Carpets let the students make their daily cleaning applications in much more hygienic conditions by providing cleaning supplies to be used for one year. On the other hand, also providing technological support to Şahinbey Primary School, Kaşmir Carpets carried out an important task by improving sound system of the school used in ceremonies and modernizing the multi-purpose hall. By providing material support in order for teachers to sit in a better environment in teachers’ room, Kaşmir Carpets made the computers of the school which are used for education purposes protected from viruses via new version anti-virus software. Presenting laptop computers to managers and teachers to be used at lessons and for various purposes, Kaşmir Carpets provided innovations almost like a reform to Şahinbey Primary School. The fact that the doctors who made a health screening at the school, became affected by hygienic condition of the school and reported the subject to upper authorities and the fact that Şahinbey Primary School is shown as the most hygienic school of Gaziantep were realized by the support of Kaşmir Carpets. Making an evaluation of the subject, Şahinbey Primary School Principal Ferhat Yiğit told that “Within the scope of A Sister Foundation For Each School started by Kaşmir Carpets two years ago, like the last year, important support is also provided to our schools this year. As well as painting of our school buildings, many basic needs of us like basic stationery needs, cleaning material needs for both our school buildings and hygiene of our students, consumable needs, technological equipment needs and virus software needs were met. Hygiene in the schools is very important and in order to prevent an epidemic, cleaning actions must take place in every hour of the day. In this meaning, Kaşmir Carpets provided all kinds of support fully and brought a solution to hygiene problem of our school. For his support, I thank a lot to Gülsan Holding Chairman Mustafa Topçuoğlu personally, as well as Topçuoğlu family”.

Support affects academic successes positively

Within the scope of A Sister Foundation for Each School Campaign carried out since last two years by Kaşmir Carpets acting within the body of Gülsan Holding, experts noted that academic success has increased in schools with whom sister school agreement was signed, and told that “As well as providing hygienic environment to schools, bringing a solution to technological equipment of them and especially putting multi-purpose into action increased the academic success. In our schools continuing their education activities, the supports provided by foundations and organizations will bring success with them. Especially schools at rural districts need technological investments that support the education, especially cleaning materials and stationery consumable materials”.




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