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Pioneered company with its firsts and principles, GULSAN HOLDING , has brought in an innovative invention into the agriculture sector again. As a result of R&D studies; PP Reinforced Protective Cover, which is weather–resistant fabric for sunlight, rain and hail conditions, has been added onto the product range. “Reinforced Protective Cover”, which is the invention of Gülsan, is certified by the Tukish Patent Institute.

The laminated reinforced protective cover, which is produced from 100% original raw materials, resists minimum 2 years sunlight by the UV stabilisation additive. Protect all agricultural products especially grapes from the different weather conditions such as rain, hail, frost and dew. So, this fabric prevents bad effects of weather such as spoiling, rotting, color change. “Reinforced Agrucultural Products Protective Cover” fabric especially provides fresh grapes remain long lasting on the branches during ripening period. Due to high strength of reinforced patches at the edges, the fabric on the products is easily punched, fastened with a yarn, stretched without tearing.

 Technical Specifications;

  • Produced from special mixture of 100% original raw materials
  • Width : 200cm, Roll length : 500 mt.
  • Durable reinforced edges which is produced by welding technology (for punching and fastening with yarns)
  • Suitable for food contact
  • The fabric provides ideal light  transmittance. Sufficient sunlight is allowed and excessive sunlight is blocked by the fabric
  • Water-resistant
  • 2 years sun-resistant

 Product range;

  • 2 edges of fabric are reinforced  – Reinforced Protective Cover; 160 gr/lm
  • 2 edges and the middle of fabric are reinforced – Reinforced Protective Cover; 185 gr/lm
  • 2 edges of fabric are reinforced and tight woven fabric – Reinforced Protective Cover; 180 gr/lm

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