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Among companies which produce pp bags, Gulsan is placed near the top in the world and also has the biggest PP bag production factory in Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East. Gulsan brought in many firsts to its industry and markets.

Some of these firsts are such as tubular net bag, transparent potato bag, wide woven bag, laminated bag for coal, laminated valve bags, plaster bags, pp cement bag, agricultural reinforced fabric, protective cover for agriculture and block bottom bag productions was performed by Gulsan.

Gülsan is one of the global leading Polypropylene Bag Manufacturer with yearly 650.000.000 pieces Bag production capacity with the most advanced technology and machinery park.

The bags, which are produced from 100% original PP raw materials, can be manufactured in various colors as per the demand by the masterbatches which are produced in its own dye facilities.

Up to 8 colors flexo printing on double-sides of bag or a full color printed film can be applied on to the produced PP bags with the requested colors, dimensions and weight according to technical specifications. PP bags are shipped by a specific packing type belonging to Gulsan to protect the inner products from external factors.

The PP granules obtained from recyclable BB bags are used as raw material in many industrial branches. As known, PP is enviromental friendly because PP is a non-toxic material. Therefore, PP bags do not harm the soil and water.

Gülsan, who is a world leader in Block Botton bag production, has been making technical developments on machines with the machine manufacturers in cooperation and brought these improved machines to the world economy. In addition, Gülsan has made R&D on many PP bags to achive the growth of the market by substitute the bags in many area of usage.

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